The surroundings of Avola

Discover all the places to visit
a few kilometers of our
bed and breakfast ad Avola

The surroundings of Avola

Discover all the places to visit
a few kilometers of our
bed and breakfast ad Avola

The beaches of Avola

Pantanello, Logghia, Tremoli, Falari, Caponegro are just some of the names of many beaches of Avola a pochi chilometri dal Bed and Breakfast


The Calamosche Beach It is located between the archaeological remains of Eloro and wildlife oasis of Vendicari. In 2005 He has been awarded by the Blue Guide of Legambiente title of “most beautiful Italian beach“.


The Nature Reserve oriented Wildlife Oasis Vendicari It is located in the province of Syracuse Noto and precisely between Marzamemi. Particularly important for the presence of marshes that serve as a resting place in the migration of birds.

Lido di Noto

marinara Fraction the town of Noto, which it is about 5 km.
It possesses a beach fine golden sand e, in the summertime, become the holiday destination for tourists and netini.


Fraction of City of Pachino, between 20 Italian villages not to be missed. Street food, the old trap and crystal clear sea are the heart of the seaside village.


just 7 km from Avola is located Known, called the “the Baroque capital“; in 2002 its historic center was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
You will be enchanted by the beauty of its buildings; the main course overlooked by the Cathedral, City Hall, Palazzo Nicolaci, the Church of San Domenico, the Teatro Comunale will be only the starting point for a trip out of town to leave you breathless


Located on the southeast coast of the island, Syracuse It has a long history. Characterized by large historical treasures, architectural and landscape, the city of Syracuse was declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005, jointly to Necropolis Rock Pantalica.
The Greek theatre, l’Ear of Dionysius, Ortigia and its streets are just a few of the many places to visit.

Cava Grande Cassibile

The plateau is crossed by ibleo deep fissures said slots. The most spectacular, for depth and for paesistici aspects, is Cava Grande Cassibile HOUEL that describes in his Voyage pittoresque (Paris 1785) as one of the wonders of Sicily.
Nature Reserve from 1984, in it are proto necropolis of Cassibile (1000-800 a.C.) and the Dieri, nuclei of caves arranged in multi-story limestone and related to the Byzantine period. From the "lookout" which is reached, along the road that branches off from the provincial Avola-Manghisi-Palazzolo, It is observed cave Cunziria, rock village used for the tanning of hides and rooms on three floors.
The landscape is dominated by Etna and Port of Siracusa, while the bottom flows the crystal clear river Cassibile, the greek Cacyparis, creating very pleasant and fresh ponds.
In them are the reflections of green ferns, of oriental plane trees and oleander, while around the sage, oregano and thyme spice the air with their intense and Mediterranean flavors.

The visit and the descent to ponds It provides intense emotions.
Wild Orchids Cava Grande. The plateau ibleo, intensely lived since prehistoric times, It is marked by the typical dry walls that delimit the "closed" resident in the castle and the slopes of the hills where the screws implanted, almond trees, olive and carob trees.
But in the places where the tufa, the tender and white stone that made possible the decorations of the Baroque architecture, Neoclassical and Liberty, it only covered the garrigue, in addition to the thymus, all’erica, rosemary and dwarf palm, miraculously grow and flourish, in spring, wild orchids.
The strains are multiple: of extraordinary beauty are the shapes and colors, especially remembers the Ofride Bianca dominated by a bright yellow in warm tones of brown, which it is named after its discoverer and botanist Joseph White.

Avola Antica

Now residential summer for fresh air and full of flavors that you breathe in the hot Sicilian summers, Avola Antica preserves the ruins of the earthquake Abola 1693 destroyed. The area where the city was, the Mount Aquilone, It is dominated on top by a villa built in the forties of the '900. First there was the castle with two towers, from which it controlled the included costs between Cassibile e Capo Passero. Around the castrum, on rock slopes, They were built the houses and numerous churches. On the road that now runs through the ancient site, along the hairpin bends, are caves and cisterns that were part of the original settlement. They also note tombs of the Sicilian period oven and what attests to the attendance of the site since prehistoric times. Debated was the question on the descendants of the mythical Avola Ible attested by the classical period. In the fifth century. d.C. Stefano Byzantine refers to Abolla, city ​​whose currencies depicting an ox and, on the opposite side, a bunch of grapes. The city, after having been part of reginale Room, in 1361 it became barony; in 1542 and up to 1812 Marquis was the Pignatelli Aragona Cortés.

The Avola ancient ruins, as evidenced by the French traveler Jean HOUEL, that he visited in 1777, They were sad and immersed in solitude. The priest Sebastian Li Gioi, to revitalize and restore the sacredness to those places, he wanted to erect, at his own expense and on the ruins of the convent of the Capuchin, a hermitage. Work began in 1729. The dormitory taken following the Hermitage name of Our Lady of Grace for the legendary discovery, in the sixties of '700, under a large boulder, a bell and a limestone relief depicting the Madonna delle Grazie, now housed at the Hermitage church. In 1896 in memory of this event, It built a shrine. The temple has a balcony overlooking the hairpin bends that lead to Avola Avola Antica; path where, in the second half of the twentieth century, in the past the car race "Belmonte Cup".



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